How To Build A Championship Sales Team

How To Build A Championship Sales Team—You want people on your team who will do anything to see your business succeed: jump off a building for you, run through walls for you, and believe they can fly because of you. If you don’t have anyone like that working for you, shame on you. You can’t grow a business without surrounding yourself with people who have that kind of commitment. You can’t be the only maniac. You can’t grow a business without hiring people who share your obsession. And there are other obsessed people out there whom you should be hiring. You need to make the obsessed mind-set a part of your business culture from the top down. All great organizations have great people! All of them.

The things that separate championship football teams from their competition are synonymous with the eight traits that distinguish great dealerships from everyone else. Whether you’re a diehard
fan, occasional watcher, or someone happy to do without, there’s a lot to be learned from the structure of a championship level football team.

In honor of football season, we compiled a list of strategies championship football teams implement to become champions and stay at the top. Some may be a bit obvious and others are a little less known. However, when combined and practiced with regularity, energy, and passion, they are extremely powerful tools to create a winning organization day in and day out and season after season.

If you would like dealership marketing tips on making more automotive sales in your service lane watch this video:

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